Junior Teams

We have players with the club from key stage 1 and they join us in the Academy. Girls and boys of all abilities progress through the academy into 5 a side at under 7’s and progress hopefully through all the age groups to our open age teams. Our emphasis is on fun, participation, friendship, developing skills and providing a lifetime of memories.

Our teams and contacts are


Sue Altass
email: sue@suealtass.co.uk


Pete Fewings
email: petefewings@live.co.uk


Details TBC

U8 - Girls

Details TBC

U9 Grasshoppers

Mark Harrison
email: southcavegrasshoppers@gmail.com

U9 Tigers

Jaimie Appleton
email: southcavejuniorsfc@gmail.com


Neil Thornton
email: southcavefootball@gmail.com

U10 Girls

Details TBC


Craig Anthony
email: anf1009@hotmail.com

Simon Branton
email: berylbrady@berylbrady.karoo.co.uk

U11 Bears

Richard Winks
email: richardwinks1@gmail.com


Mark Beaney
email: mark@mhtransport.eu

U12 Lions

Martyn Lowther
email: lowthm@lowthm.karoo.co.uk


Rob Mooney
email: Rob_mooney@icloud.com

U13 Bears

Bryan Lawrie
email: bryan.lawrie@arco.co.uk

Alison Flack
email: alisonflack19@icloud.com


Phil Holmes
email: phil.holmes@live.co.uk

U15 (Bears)

Ian Simpson
email: ian@raymes.co.uk

Lee Sanderson
email: leeber1974@gmail.com

U15 Sporting

Lee Murphy
email: Lee@epspipeworks.co.uk


Jason Carter
email: jasoncarter@sandalbmw.net

Tim Watson
email: timpwatson83@gmail.com

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